Tuesday, 27 January 2015


It appears notoriously useless Nazi Patrick O'Sullivan has moved into a flophouse in the Reservoir area or somesuch, away from his usual Collingwood/Fitzroy digs. Either that or he has found another homeless 16 year old minion in the area to boss around/supply with piss in return for sticker runs and token commitment to the bonehead cause . His awful paper Combat 18 'Sink the refugee boats' stickers have been spotted. This is in addition to the C18 graff in Belgrove Street. Loser(s?)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Trouble in the Mad Arab's paradise?

The Mad Arab lashing out against his old demented comrade The Skull and his merry band of illiterate Nazis. Watch this space.

Monday, 12 January 2015

'Richie Richards' = Richard Whelan

A Facebook user who goes by the name 'Richie Richards' (real name Richard Whelan) seems to fancy himself as a bit of an awakened member of the 'master race'. He is part of the cabal that runs the 'European Australian Civil Rights League', is a member of the horribly confused crew of 'national anarchists' over at Nationalist Alternative and loves to spam Facebook groups with links from his buddies over at Whitelaw Towers and Anti-Antifa.

He is also a fat bastard with greasy hair and a penchant for pouting selfies whilst flipping the bird.

Richard went to Camberwell High and a lot of us have seen him round the traps in Melbourne. G'day Richard, hope to see you around fella.

Another link in the bonehead chain of fools

A peculiar bunch have been located over on Facebook at the page 'European Australian Civil Rights League', who also use the twitter handle @whiterightsoz. They're a very weird mob who seem to pluck ideas out of their arse completely, from things like classic Nazi sources to things that are batshit on a completely different level like Alex Jones' Infowars. 

Also interesting is the fact that this page shares all the material being put up by Whitelaw Towers and Anti-Antifa as part of their 'summer offensive' of sorts, which consists of naming random Melbourne leftists claiming to have cracked the antifa code. I think we can definitely put the 'European Australian Civil Rights League' down as a Victorian/online satellite of the Whitelaw Towers/Anti-Antifa axis.

We can also safely assume the person behind this online grouping got their arse kicked at the Geert Wilders meeting in 2013, as their (long abandoned) blog has a huge preoccupation with Anthony Main.

Both this page and a Bendigo fascist heavily involved with it who goes by the name Jack V Holden on Facebook seem to be alluding that they have a particular interest in someone pictured at the Melbourne Anarcist club on the 'Anti-Antifa' FB page. This particular bloke is known for repeatedly threatening violence on lefties. He very recently created a new FB account and abandoned his old one.

Give him a search on Facebook and have a look through the comments, the same cabal of profiles continue to post similar things.

Keep an eye out for Holden and anyone else who interacts with his page and see if they have the balls to follow through with their trash talk.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A fine bonehead tradition continues

The bonehead crew over at 'Anti-Antifa', who seem now to have forged very close links with Jimmy Perren of Whitelaw Towers have identified some fella we've never heard of as the head behind this blog. Kerry King of West Heidelberg is someone none of us have ever heard of. Even in general leftie activist circles. Nice try. At least I guess this carries on the fine Aussie bonehead tradition of misidentifying anti fascist activists. Better luck next time fellas.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

On misinformed flogs

The flogs over at nazi blog 'Whitelaw Towers' ", run by Queensland nazi and ally of the Mad Arab Saleam, the one and only Jim Perren are seem to think they've pegged some kind of Victorian anti fascist heirachy. Judging by their crap graphic they seem to think this is pointing up to some type of leader. 

Which I guess means they assume all of us need some kind of fuehrer ordering us around. 

Head over and have a look, will give you a nice giggle.

Listen up.

A common thickheaded allegation levelled against anti-fascist activists is that they only seem to strike out against white people. This is patently untrue. They know this. It's an excuse they use. We will forever and a day continue to stand up for, with our words and actions the Tamil community in Melbourne against chauvinist Sinhalese elements, or the Kurdish community against chauvinist Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi or Turkish elements. These are but two examples.

Saturday, 3 January 2015


The Queensland based flogs at 'anti-antifa' appear to be back in action after an 7 month hiatus. Head over for some bonehead laughs, their 2/10 banter really needs to be seen to be believed. Makes UK Redwatch look actually threatening.